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Brandyn Heppard (“Adeo”) – MC / Vocals
Derek Gazal (“Blindman”) – Keys, Vocals
Curtis Watts (“Megawatts”) – Drums
Karl Schlegel (“24/7”) – Violin
Rich Collins (“Chado”) – Bass
Peter Jorge (“The Sampleologist”) – samples


Band Member Bios

“Adeodatus The Goldchild” — (emcee)
A North Jersey native, has been writing lyrics and performing music for 15 years. His alias, ADEO, is inspired by the fables of Saint Augustine, famous for his philosophical and spiritual writings. Augustine birthed his only son, Adeodatus, in the year 1200. Following a rebellious youth misguided by the pleasures of excess, it is told that Augustine, in a quest for higher meaning, rose to levels of near flawless morality. Thus, given his parallels in spiritual awakening, Adeo equates himself to a modern-day son of Augustine – spitting righteous, conscious flow with messages of mutual respect and his beliefs in the commonality of mankind.

“Blindman” – D.Gazal (keys, vox)
“Blind” a.ka. D.Gazal is also a North Jersey native.  He has been writing and performing music since 1994. He hopes to inspire people to truly recognize God’s love in their hearts.  Blindman views music as a universal mode for relating to people that is not only heard, but also felt. As a composer of the band’s music, he aims to capture the rawness of personal life experiences and convey spirituality in a universal fashion. Blindman believes that all mankind regardless of religious distinction are all one, and that through worship, simple living and love for one’s neighbors, true happiness is achieved.

“Megawatts” — Curtis Watts (drums, vox)
Megawatts has been on the funk, hip-hop, R&B, rock, third world beat and jazz scene for many years. A Harlem and Bronx native who thrives on live performances, Watts has previously performed and shared the stage with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Santana, Terry Bozio (Frank Zappa Band), and Teo Macero, producer for Miles Davis. Megawatts is no stranger to the studio either, having been an original member of the first instrumental hip-hop band ever signed to a major label (Smokin’ Suckas wit Logic/Epic Records) and is also a former production engineer, having worked with such artists as Vernon Reid, KRS-1, DJ Logic, and Living Colour.

“24/7” – Karl Schlegel (violin, vox)
Karl is a classically trained violinist whose passion for music has led him to explore many styles and cultures.  At the age of four and a half, Karl began studying the violin under Marissa McLeod of the Anderson String Quartet.  Karl has guest-starred with Akasa as well as the award winning song-writer, and producer, Cassandra Kubinski.  In addition to the big stage, Karl can often be found sharing his talents as Choir Director at St.Paul: Inside The Walls in addition to accompanying various local artists.  His nickname, “24/7” speaks of his ability to always be on point and ready to go.

“Chado” – Rich Collins (bass, vox)
With the low end theory locked down, Rich a.k.a “Chado”, rocks the smoothe bass lines with his own funk, dub style. Chado possesses a large variety of talents including producer, skater, artist, emcee, and song-writer.  He is an active member of the bands Universal Rebel and Xochitl.  Chado brings his “A” game to RAINation.

“The Sampleologist” – Peter Jorge (samples)As a veteran Engineer in New York City for the past 22 years, Peter has worked with some of the best in the business including Sporty Thievz for which he received a Platinum Record credit to his list of accomplishments.  Other gifted artists include Krs One, Big Daddy Kane, M.O.P., Peter Gunz, Jin, Gangstarr, Don Omar, Young B, P-Star, Megan Rochell, MF Grimm, Brooklyn Zu, Webstar and Jim Jones to name a few. His studio training has given him the opportunity to work out of various famous studios such as Power Play Studios, Unique, Quad, KMA, Chung King, D & D, Soundtracks, Daddy’s House, Platinum Sounds, Sony and The Hit Factory.  On stage, Peter was an original member of the first instrumental hip-hop band ever signed to a major label (Smokin’ Suckas wit Logic/Epic Records).

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