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The Real Artist Independent Nation: hip-hop/alternative/reggae

Born of an era that saw hip-hop grow from success to excess, the members of RAINation have left the gold chains and brand names at home and have instead brought the focus of hip-hop back to its most vital components – the quality and message of its music. Combining emotional, innovative, dynamic, and technically sound riffs with socially conscious lyrics relevant to the times, RAINation has formulated a unique and spiritual sound that speaks to the power of each individual to positively influence society.

RAINation has built an increasingly loyal following through their ability to entertain and captivate audiences. Led onstage by emcee and lyricist Adeodatus “The Gold Child” (Adeo), the band’s frequent live performances have been described as energetic, exciting, and inspirational. Recent performances include support for THE ROOTS, KANYE WEST, COMMON, JULIAN MARLEY, LUDACRIS, BLACK EYED PEAS, JIMMY CLIFF, WYCLEF JEAN, TALIB KWELI, LUCIANO and ROBERT RANDOLPH.

Previous recordings include the band’s debut EP, “HARBINGER” which was completely self written, arranged and produced by Blindman (keys), Megawatts (drums) & Adeo (emcee). The record was mixed at New York City’s Jammin Downtown Studios, as well as the legendary Chung King Studios, one of the most successful and respected production facilities in the world.

RAINation was founded by Blindman & Adeo after being reunited through a mutual friend during a jam session. Immediately struck by their commonalities in musical style, beliefs, aspirations, and influences (including such artists as the Marleys, Gang-Starr, The Roots, Common, Nas, Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock, Pink Floyd, Ben Harper, and Jack Johnson), the pair began pioneering the sounds and messages of RAINation. As time went on, Adeo & Blindman collaborated extensively with Megawatts, who was the founding member one of the first hip-hop bands ever signed to a major. (EPIC/SMOKIN SUCKAS WIT LOGIC) 

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